Wedding Songs: 6 Cocktail Hour Vibes Your Guests Will Love

Photo Credit:  Ben Rossett Photography

When it comes to planning your wedding the music for cocktail hour might not be your top priority - chances are you'll still be taking some pictures after the wedding ceremony is over but your guests will be enjoying the start of the party.   Music is a great tool to use during this time to help set the ambiance of your wedding reception.  While your guests may not be listening to every note and lyric during cocktail hour the musical vibe you decide to set early in the evening is important.  Using the decor & location of your wedding reception as a guide, as well as your personal music tastes, you can kickstart your wedding reception with music that will set the mood for the rest of the night.  Below are 6 of my favorite sample playlists that you can use at your wedding:

By: DJ Mark Moore

Crooners / Jazz / Soul:

DJ Mark Moore is a DJ from Cincinnati, Ohio area who specializes in weddings, private parties, night clubs and bars in the Midwest.  If you are interested in booking DJ Mark for your wedding reception or event please contact him here.