Tips For Planning The Perfect Party

By: DJ Mark Moore

1) For a wedding, keep in mind that your guests are going to be where the couple are. If you’re on the dance floor, the guests will be too!

2) Don’t micromanage the timeline. We do need the order of events but not necessarily the exact time for each.

3) If there are older guests, try not to sit them close or right in front of the speaker(s).

4)Don’t put the DJ in an obscure location or corner; the DJ needs to be easily visible and near the dance floor so they can see it to get a feel for the crowd.

5)If you have dance floor lighting, keep in mind that darker is better. Use dimmers for chandeliers, cafe lighting, etc.

6) If you have a bar or photo booth at the event, please put it in the main room where the DJ is. You want to keep people near the dance floor at all times.

7)When picking your songs for your event, take into account not only your taste, but the guests’ as well.

8)You always want to leave the guests wanting more. It’s not your responsibility to entertain guests until 2am.

9)When picking your music, you don’t have to overdo it. Pick 20 or so songs you like and a few you don’t, and let us fill in from there.

10)If you have to cut corners on your budget, don’t skimp on your entertainment—it can make or break your event!


Is there anyone out there that hasn’t been to a boring wedding?

We started DJing weddings to help our couples give their guests a wedding experience they won’t forget! We make planning the music for your wedding stress-free and fun!

Here’s what other brides are saying about DJ Mark Moore:

Mark Moore is a fantastic DJ. Months later after our wedding we still have friends commenting that he was the best wedding DJ they’ve ever experienced. Mark knew how to keep people on the dance floor all night and would mix songs in getting people excited for the next one. The dance floor was packed the whole time during the reception. It was unbelievable. Cocktail and dinner music were exactly what we wanted for our formal venue.
Mark was a wonderful DJ from start to finish. He was very prepared on our first meeting with a list of everything he needed from us and was receptive to our “do’s and dont’s” for music preference. At the reception, he played everything we asked for and kept the dance floor hopping all night long.
If you are looking to hire a DJ for ANY event hire DJ Mark. DJ Mark was great to work with and with his performance and planning, made our wedding night one to remember for a lifetime!

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