You Should Definitely Play Cardi B At Your Wedding!

(Or Whatever Else You Want)

I met with a couple last week who were stuck figuring out what they wanted to do for the music for their upcoming wedding. They said that choosing music for their dance party had them stressing out because they wanted to pick out songs that their friends would love but they were afraid that some of their song choices might offend some of their older guests.

I get it. They just want everyone to have a good time at their wedding reception.

For this particular couple, we came up with the plan to keep the music very PG through dinner and PG-13 once their dance party starts. We went through their list of songs and talked about the content of some of the songs they were thinking about. For this wedding we’re going to start with the wedding classics and save Cardi B and the rest of the booty shaking for the last 45 minutes of their dance party. (She said she’d let me know when the prudes in the family were heading home so we can “really start the party”)

The music you pick out for your wedding is (and should be) a reflection of yourself. Pick out and play whatever music you want! It’s okay to want something a little bit more funky when it comes to the" “typical” wedding music. If you want country music all night - that’s what you should do! I’ve worked with a couple who wanted video game music all night and it definitely helped shape the vibe of the night that was unique to them. The only real trade off is how many dancers you’ll get on your dance floor.

Don’t be afraid to talk about your list of songs with your DJ or band and have them be honest. Their experience will give you an idea of how well any given song will do on your wedding’s dance floor. Also, give them some freedom to pick out some songs you may not have thought of based on the reactions your guests are having to the music being played.

It’s easy to play a little bit of something for everyone and still dance to the songs you want to dance to by the end of the night. One of the best ways to do this is to start with the “wedding classics”, the older songs, and slowly sprinkle in some of the newer stuff. As the night goes on you can play more and more of the hot dance tracks and move away from the older songs. You might even be surprised when you find out your Aunt knows all the words to Drake!

If you’re looking for more wedding music tips check out my Wedding Planning Guide and make sure to save a copy of the Wedding Music Planning Form if you haven’t already.

-DJ Mark