Easy (And Cheap) Wedding Activities Your Guests Will Love

While your wedding ceremony is the most important part of the day, (it’s when you’re actually getting married!), most of your guests are probably looking forward more towards the party that comes afterwards. Who doesn’t love to eat, drink, and dance the night away? If you are looking to make your wedding reception even more fun and memorable for your guests consider adding in some activities for your guests to do throughout the night. This will keep them out of the chairs and have them interacting with other guests before dinner and will give them other things to entertain themselves with if they aren’t the biggest drinkers or dancers. Here are some easy (and cheap) ways to entertain your guests at your wedding. All of these should come in under $150.

Instant Photos


Any old picture frame should work & you can always paint it whatever color you like. You can look around at goodwill for a vintage camera & shop online for film that fits, or opt to buy a new camera and film from a retail store. Leave some clothespins so guests can leave photos for you, and don’t be surprised if they are taking a couple photos home for them to put on their fridge.

Giant Games


Outdoor games are lots of fun for your competitive friends and will get the most action after your ceremony, before dinner starts. Guests can test their skills against one another and once the first tower comes crashing down the noise will attract more guests to come and play. Pro Tip: keep a sharpie nearby and encourage each couple to sign one of the pieces - next time you play at home you’ll get to re-read everyone’s well wishes!

Paint Balloons

This one takes the most prep-time, and is definitely something that needs to be done outside - but your guests will LOVE throwing darts and helping to create a unique piece of art to celebrate your day.

Watch (or Play) The Big Game


If you’re wedding date falls on the same day as the big game consider setting up a TV if you’ve got a lot of sports fans in your friends & family. If sports aren’t your thing you can set up a video game station as well. 4 player games everyone is familiar with work the best - I suggest Mario Kart, but there are lots of other games that would work great too.

Sparkler Send Off


End your wedding celebration with a spark! Line your guests up and have them help you create some of the best pictures of the night with a sparkler send off. If your photographer is on a tight schedule you can even do a fake exit early in the night and bring everyone back inside for more dancing.

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Mark MooreDJ Mark Moore